Ministry of Fisheries And Livestock Government Of Republic Bangladesh
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1 Notice of National Purification Strategy Meetings 27-07-2017 Download:
Notice, NIS-1.pdf
2 Regarding interviewing for preparation of fit list for the posting of District Livestock Officer / equivalent rank. 26-07-2017 Download:
3 Monthly Corodination Meeting, July/2017 23-07-2017 Download:
4 Appointment of Extension Officer (Fisheries) 23-07-2017 Download:
5 Appointment of Extention Officer (Livestock) 23-07-2017 Download:
6 Notice of ADP Meeting (Fisheries) 13-07-2017 Download: Meeting Notice. Fisheries.pdf
7 Notice of ADP Meeting (Livestock) 13-07-2017 Download: Meeting Notice. Livestock.pdf
8 Regarding nominations for foreign training courses 22-06-2017 Download:
9 Letter of incentives for inventors. 21-06-2017 Download:
Innovation, DO.pdf
10 Regarding acceptance of the membership of World Skills International World (WSI). 07-06-2017 Download:
WSI Rep9ort.pdf
11 Officers nominated for participation in the workshop on "Workshop on Antimicrobials" in the Philippines. 06-06-2017 Download:
FAO, Philippines (2).pdf
12 Appointment of Extension Officer (Fisheries) 01-06-2017 Download:
13 For the presence of meetings/seminars by different ministries/departments, in order to invite any unit chief or a police officer, public safety department, letter correspondence through the Ministry of Home Affairs 29-05-2017 Download:
14 Notice of RADP Meeting (Fisheries) 22-05-2017 Download:
114.FP-2.RADP Meeting.pdf
15 Nomination of Officials for Action Plan to Implement SDGs through 7th FYP 17-05-2017 Download:
SDG, 17-18-1.pdf
16 Nomination on SDG Training for ToT Course. 16-05-2017 Download:
SDG, ToT.pdf
17 Verification and submit of twelve seat micro-bus market price report. 11-05-2017 Download:
18 Digitalization Notification for Land Management. 08-05-2017 Download:
19 Notice of National Purification Strategy Meetings 30-04-2017 Download:
NIS Notice.pdf
20 Regarding formulation of 'Purification Purpose Policy, 2017' 30-04-2017 Download:
নীতিমালা ২০১৭.pdf

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