Ministry of Fisheries And Livestock Government Of Republic Bangladesh
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1 Interview schedule of BCS (Fisheries) cadre officials for making fit list. 22-02-2017 Download:
2 Monthly Coordination Meeting, February 2017. 22-02-2017 Download:
MM Meeting.pdf
3 Nomination of officials for participate a orentation about ''Government Purchase Management'' 16-02-2017 Download:
4 Notice of ADP Meeting. 08-02-2017 Download:
5 Working paper of monthly coordination meeting of ministry and departments (January/2017) 26-01-2017 Download:
কার্যপত্র জানুয়ারি ২০১৭.doc
6 Notice of National Integrity Strategy Related Meeting. 25-01-2017 Download:
Notice, NIS.pdf
7 Monthly Coordination Meeting, January 2017. 26-01-2017 Download:
Notice, M. Meeting.pdf Notice, MM.pdf
8 Rezulation of Budegt Management Committee (BMC) Meeting 03-01-2017 Download:
9 Ceasing Use of Destructive fishing net-Committe 29-12-2016 Download:
10 Monthly Coordination Meeting, December 2016. 20-12-2016 Download:
11 Notice of National Integrity Strategy Related Meeting. 29-11-2016 Download:
কৌশল নোটিস.pdf
12 Working Paper of Monthly Coordination Meeting (November 2016) 28-11-2016 Download:
২০১৬ মাসে সমন্বয় সভার কার্যপত্র.doc
13 Jhatka Nidhon Protirodh Kajer Budget/2016-DC, UNO 20-11-2016 Download:
14 Monthly Coordination Meeting, November 2016. 20-11-2016 Download:
15 Jhatka Nidhon Protirodh Kajer Budget/2016-DD, DFO/SUFO 20-11-2016 Download:
16 Notice of Senior Scale Promotion Examination 2017 17-11-2016 Download:
স্কেলে পদোন্নতি পরীক্ষা-২০১৭.pdf
17 Regulation of Budget Management Committee (BMC) Meeting 15-11-2016 Download:
18 Nomination of help desk officials for the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. 10-11-2016 Download:
19 Nomination of officials for participate a workshop about ''E-Government Master Plan for Digital Bangladesh'' 09-11-2016 Download:
Nomination, BCC.pdf
20 Interview schedule of BCS (Livestock) 5th grade cadre officials for making fit list. 02-11-2016 Download:

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